Fleet Analysis at a Glance


In conjunction with the Load Sensor, the key figure provides new insights into the efficiency of the industrial truck fleet.

From Gut Feeling to Facts!
  • Do I have enough industrial trucks?

  • How often are the industrial trucks for repair or maintenance?

  • How are the industrial trucks used?

  • How busy are the industrial trucks?

  • Am I using the fleet effectively?

  • Are the legally required requirements met?

Fleet Management is no Rocket Science!

This is the FFZ-KPI

FFZ = Industrial truck, Forklift

KPI = Key Performance Indicator

With the key figure (KPI), developed by Mobile Easykey, everyone can read the performance of the intralogistics fleet as a whole or per device – at a glance, with a clear key figure. Time-consuming analysis of different data from different sources is thus a thing of the past.


The FFZ-KPI consists of four individually measured parameters: powered, logged in, usage, driven with load. The individual measured values as well as the summary are displayed in the FFZ-KPI.

On average, 50% of logistics costs are accounted for by intralogistics processes. The industrial trucks, which cause a significant proportion of these costs, are often purchased and maintained according to gut feeling. Even if well-founded preliminary planning is carried out, it regularly happens, that a warehouse created on the drawing board can initially work optimally efficiently. But, over time organic growth leads to a greatly changed reality. The industrial truck-fleet no longer develops according to facts, but according to subjective perception.

The basis for the FFZ-KPI is the OEE indicator (Overall Equipment Effectiveness = Overall Equipment Effectiveness). Mobile Easykey is the first software manufacturer to transfer this key figure to movable assets. Mobile Easykey brings two unique advantages from 25 years of experience:

1. Knowledge of companies and industries
Mobile Easykey provides software users with comparative and average figures for industries and company size. In this way, an evaluation of the FFZ-KPIs can become even more meaningful.

2. Manufacturer independence
The FFZ-KPI can be determined for each equipped device from any manufacturer. This means that the same device types of different makes can be compared with each other.

The FFZ-KPI must be considered and evaluated in conjunction with the industry, device types and company size. Because every industry, every company is different and has different goals it needs different measures. This is where the many years of experience of the market leader in manufacturer-independent intralogistics fleet management come into play – which is shared with the users of the software!

The FFZ-KPI is a standard in the software Mobile Easykey Manager and comes at no extra charge!

Product news

Load Sensor & FFZ-KPI

The load sensor provides new insights into intra logistic processes. An ultrasonic sensor attached to the fork carrier scans the fork prongs. It determines whether there is a load on the fork. Via Bluetooth the data is transferred from the sensor to the Mobile Easykey module. Each change „loaded/unloaded“ is entered with a time stamp in the logbook of the software.

The sensor can be retrofitted at any time without complex cabling and is compatible with the Mobile Easykey modules: modular and smart lock 3. The installed battery has a service life of several months and can be changed. In combination with the Indoor Locator software option, it is precisely determined at the access point where and how often empty trips take place in operation, and can thus be prevented in the long term. The data obtained is another building block in determining the FFZ-KPI key figure – to avoid loss of effectiveness.

The FFZ-KPI enables the determination of fleet efficiency at a glance – thanks to a clear key figure and the traffic light system. The FFZ-KPI is made up of 4 measurement parameters and takes into account the industry and the timing of the processes on site. Based on this key figure, reliable statements can be made about the condition and efficiency of the fleet.

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We were nominated!

IFOY 2023

„The Easykey software offers the essential functions, properly prepared and user-friendly, to monitor large FFZ fleets and to condense key figures on their use and availability. (…) From the collected data, clear conclusions can be drawn for fleet optimization and future fleet deployment. Fleet managers and those responsible for the fleet can thus see the overall performance of the fleet at a glance. This is an important building block for making optimum use of the existing intralogistics fleet.“

Source: IFOY Test Report, Innovation Check 2023

Norman Seib, Area Sales Manager, presents the FFZ-KPI
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