25 good reasons

25 years of expertise in intralogistics fleet management

With a twinkle in our eye, we’ve presented 25 good reasons for Mobile Easykey – in weekly posts on LinkedIn, Instagram and Facebook.

Mobile Easykey - 25up
25up - 25/25

25 Years of Competence

First of all, thank you for accompanying us. We hope the 25 good reasons for Mobile Easykey could convince you (even more) and you had some fun while reading.

Finally, we would like to say “thank you”. Thanks to all our customers who have been loyal to us for so many years and whose requirements have always been an incentive to further develop our great product. We also say thank you to our competitors, who have also constantly motivated us to think one step further. And of course, thanks to the competent team for the great cooperation!

25up: Here’s to the next 25 years of Mobile Easykey!

25up - 24/25

Because I want a Partner with Heart

Mobile Easykey is part of the Domnick+Müller Group. The owner-managed company was founded in 1956 and is still family-run today. Our team has grown over many years, some of them have been working for decades in the company, whose culture is characterized by a high level of social responsibility. This is also reflected in the high recommendation rate: the number of employees has grown strongly in recent years. Most new colleagues were recommended by members of the team. And some families have several relatives working for us at the same time.

Development, production, service: Made in Germany – with high standards of social responsibility, quality and sustainability.

25up - 23/25

Because I don't want it to blow up in my face

With the certified EX protection module, fleet management is also possible in potentially explosive areas. Our technology is tested and certified! (Conformity with ATEX Directive 2014/34/EU)

The module enables the full use of Mobile Easykey and is already successfully in use. E.g. at Henkel, Evonik, Symrise, BASF and mipa.

More information

By the way: There is also a cold storage variant of Mobile Easykey!

25up - 22/25

The High Investments

Tying up capital is a “red rag” for many companies. Of course, tied-up capital makes you inflexible. That’s why there’s easy DaaS! (Device as a Service). You pay a fixed price for a fixed contract period.

  • No capital commitment
  • No high one-off investment costs
  • Liquidity is maintained
  • Calculated rates offer transparency
  • Always up-to-date hardware/software
  • Term freely selectable from 12 months
  • For any fleet size

Just rent Mobile Easykey!

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25up - 21/25

My Favorite Forklift

One of the anecdotes that our colleagues at Mobile Easykey like to tell each other is the one about the forklift driver who used to chain up his forklift in the evenings. No joke! Too often, colleagues had used “his” forklift when he wasn’t there. And the device was always damaged. Locking it up didn’t help either. Because, as everyone knows, you only need a few keys and you can start any forklift.
With Mobile Easykey, this is no longer possible. The personal transponder allows only authorized persons to start the truck, and in the event of a crash, it is possible to trace who operated the truck.

It was not quite enough for victory. Nevertheless, we are very proud!

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25up - 20/25

Nominated Product

„The Easykey software offers the essential functions, properly prepared and user-friendly, to monitor large FFZ fleets and to condense key figures on their use and availability. (…) From the collected data, clear conclusions can be drawn for fleet optimization and future fleet deployment. Fleet managers and those responsible for the fleet can thus see the overall performance of the fleet at a glance. This is an important building block for making optimum use of the existing intralogistics fleet.“
Source: IFOY Test Report, Innovation Check 2023

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25up - 19/25

Because I want to be flexible

Whether the small smart lock or the all-rounder modular: Mobile Easykey covers the entire fleet of intralogistics. 

  • Our system grows with your company and your requirements
  • All Mobile Easykey modules are compatible with each other in the software
  • Retrofitting is possible at any time
  • With the maintenance and license agreement, the software is always up to date
  • Mobile Easykey lasts longer than most forklifts. Conversion to a new device? No problem!

Mobile Easykey has been developed for 25 years to meet the needs of our customers. We offer the solution for individual and flexible requirements.

25up - 18/25

Because I want to work with professionals

Starting with Volker Quirin, the inventor of Mobile Easykey, through the competent service technicians to our certified service partners: decades of intralogistics experience come together here.

  • Service technicians in Germany and Austria
  • Plus 11 certified service partners
  • 5 customer consultants in Germany, Austria and the Netherlands
  • In-house development and production at two German sites
  • Help desk, digital office, wiki with technical documentation

Mobile Easykey is part of the Domnick+Müller Group – specialist for intralogistics since 1956.

25up - 17/25

Because I finally have data

Twenty-five years ago (to be honest) noone cared about the data from the Mobile Easykey software. Today, the hardware plays the supporting role – for good reasons:

  • Efficiency analyses about sites/department, forklift types, manufacturers, work shifts…
  • FFZ-KPI: the IFOY-nominated at-a-glance efficiency indicator
  • Ability to manage all relevant vehicle and user data and documents
  • Identification of potential danger points
  • Indoor and outdoor locator

And much much more. With Mobile Easykey you control an efficient and safe fleet in intralogistics!

25up - 16/25

Because it's small and smart

Apart from smartphones and televisions, all electronic devices have become smaller and smaller over the years. Nothing new as so far. But Mobile Easykey has made itself so small as smart lock 3 that it can replace the mechanical switch lock on almost all devices!

  • Access management even with company ID card
  • Data transmission via Bluetooth
  • External presence detection can be connected
  • Connection of further sensors possible
  • And of course: retrofittable and manufacturer-independent


Bye-bye key!

25up - 15/25

Because it should just be easy

Let’s get started with the simple implementation and intuitive software. And then Mobile Easykey offers unexpected possibilities for simplifying administrative tasks. A few examples:

  • All devices (even if they don’t have Mobile Easykey hardware!) can be managed in the software
  • Complete vehicle documentation and history
  • Complete driver administration – e.g. driving authorizations, instructions, G25 examinations (each with reminder)
  • Automated back-ups
  • The “at-a-glance-key-performance-indicator” FFZ-KPI

No more 1,000 Excel lists! With Mobile Easykey you have more than just a fleet management tool – for more overview and less work.

25up - 14/25

The manufacturer

Yellow, orange, red, green, blue… All manufacturers create their own menu. That’s good for you. Because at best, you choose either the device with the best price/performance ratio from each manufacturer or the special device that you absolutely need. We don’t care. We build Mobile Easykey on any device.

That is why we are committed to the uniform VDI interface: This will make retrofitting Mobile Easykey even easier in the future!

And already today Mobile Easykey (or our interface) is available ex works from many manufacturers! Yellow, orange, red, green, blue…

 More good reasons for manufacturer independence can be found here: https://www.mobileeasykey.de/en/home/#1

25up - 13/25

The overloaded workshop

For forklift workshops ‘working more efficiently’ also means ‘more work with fewer employees’. Mobile Easykey also reduces the workload for workshops by reducing the number of workshop visits:

  • Maintenance and UVV according to hours of use and not according to hours of switch-on
  • Fewer repairs due to immediate reduction of violent damage (also on the periphery)
  • Optimization of the forklift fleet: Fewer devices = less expenditure
  • Simple retrofitting and conversion of hardware

Avoidance of battery damage due to low electrolyte level
More good reasons for the workshop to have Mobile Easykey in the company can be found here: https://www.mobileeasykey.de/en/target-groups/#5

25up - 12/25

The bully

Do you know how Mobile Easykey was “born”? Volker Quirin, now head of department and development, was asked, “Can’t something be done about this?”. A customer of Domnick+Müller had massive problems with violent damage to the forklifts. Races were held at night and the peak of madness was the so-called ramp jumping. The broken forklifts were simply left behind – nobody did it.

At this point we could cite any number of reasons why safety increases with Mobile Easykey (see also: https://www.mobileeasykey.de/en/more-security-en/). But the end of the debacle came quite simply with the personal transponder: Even today, this reduces the number of accidents. Drastically and immediately!

25up - 11/25


Mobile Easykey’s GDPR compliance is independently audited and confirmed. We have done our best to ensure that you manage personal data in a legally secure way, 6-fold secure!

  • Individual operating rights for each software user
  • Automated pseudonymization (according to customer specifications)
  • Automated anonymization of logbook data (according to customer specifications)
  • Automated deletion of logbook data (according to customer specifications)
  • The data remains on your server and does not end up in some cloud somewhere in the world!

The independently prepared expert opinion therefore concludes that there is no need to conclude an order processing contract with Mobile Easykey.

25up - 10/25

Because I don't like to be alone

We won’t leave you out in the cold! From presentation, implementation and retrofitting to service, software maintenance and repair: we care!

  • Help Desk by phone or via website
  • Wiki with operating and installation instructions
  • Area Sales Manager, After Sales, Service Technician, Digital Office, Service Partner
  • All-in software license and maintenance contract with service levels: 24 and 48 hours
  • Regular innovation workshops with customers
  • Customized solutions available on demand

What can’t be captured in bullet points is the connection with our customers, some of which goes back decades: from demand and input – we have made what Mobile Easykey is today. Thank you!

25up - 9/25

Gut feeling

A colleague once said, “We’ve never analyzed a customer as having too few forklifts.” Gut feeling is important, no doubt about it. But at some point, it’s also important to know why it’s pinching. That’s why, at its core, Mobile Easykey software answers the following questions:

  • Do I have enough forklift trucks?
  • Am I using the fleet effectively?
  • How are the forklift trucks utilized?
  • How often are the forklift trucks in need of repair or maintenance
  • How are the forklift trucks being used?
  • Are the legally required requirements met?

And with the IFOY-nominated “FFZ-KPI” metric, a single number can be used to instantly tell whether or not your gut feeling is right. “This is an important building block for making optimum use of the existing intralogistics fleet” says the IFOY jury.

Learn more about the IFOY-nominated FFZ-KPI

25up - 8/25

My health

Rumbling over speed bumps with a forklift, challenging dicey situations, damaging safety-related equipment. “Holterdiepolter!” Mobile Easykey protects the health of people in intralogistics in many ways:

  • Crash sensor and access management lead to prudent driving.
  • With the “learning drives” for the Crash Sensor, back-damaging distortions in the floor can be pointed out.
  • With Indoor or Outdoor Locator, accident black spots become visible.
  • Health checks that are due cannot be forgotten.
  • Accident figures decrease: An accident that does not happen does not endanger health.

Read more in the Job Report “Saarstahl: Fleet management for the intervertebral disc”

25up - 7/25

My boss will love me

It’s been a long time since you’ve gotten a cuddle? On the job, that is? Imagine if there was something that made everyone in the company happy.

  • More security
  • Lower costs
  • Easy implementation
  • Can be retrofitted or ordered ex works
  • Simply rent – without a big investment
  • Fits on and for everything

Sounds too good to be true? But it’s true. Just like the fact that your boss will love you (even more) – with Mobile Easykey.

25up - 6/25

The cautious employers' liability insurance association

Pro-active safety: Mobile Easykey ensures careful handling and thus the protection of people, vehicles, machines and peripherals in a variety of ways.
  • Personal transponder instead of five keys for everyone
  • Management of driving authorizations, instructions, health checks, etc.
  • Immediate decrease in the number of accidents with the introduction of the system
  • UVV and maintenance planning
  • Documentation and archiving of all processes in the software logbook
  • 6-fold data protection
The Mobile Easykey software can ensure legally compliant management of work safety-related procedures. Even the ever-cautious employers’ liability insurance association will be pleased!
25up - 5/25

Pimp your forklift

Who saves so much money has money for extras that can be invested more sencefully.

  • Violent damage, e.g.: Volkswagen OTLG -50%, Lufthansa Cargo -50%, Daimler -20%
  • Fleet size, e.g.: Volkswagen OTLG -15%, Daimler -10%
  • Maintenance costs, e.g.: Volkswagen OTLG -15%, Daimler -10%
  • Fewer accidents mean lower costs due to lost staff.
  • Leasing costs don’t get out of hand thanks to the Mobile Easykey software.

And instead of getting a forklift truck with too high a load capacity again, next time it might be the golden wheel rims.

25up - 4/25

Because we can deliver

Despite interrupted supply chains and shortages of raw materials, we have (almost) always been able to deliver in recent years. Because we act farsightedly and responsibly:

  • Long-term product planning and flexible production.

  • Mobile Easykey developed and produced in Germany.

  • Partnerships with suppliers who have been associated for many years.

And if the worst comes to the worst, our close cooperation with our customers leads to adequate, fast and pragmatic solutions. Promised!

25up - 3/25

Even the works council loves us

Granted, it’s not always love at first sight. But on the second it’s even stronger.

  • With the introduction of Mobile Easykey, the number of accidents decreases significantly.
  • Peripheral damage (e.g. fire protection gates) can be recognized and remedied immediately.
  • Personal data is protected against unauthorized access, 5-ways!
  • A works council password, for example, offers the highest level of protection for data.
  • Everything about work security can be managed in one software.
  • Less cost pressure on the personnel side through savings in material costs.

Mobile Easykey also provides more transparency and clarity. And that ensures more satisfaction on all sides.

25up - 2/25

For the environment

We not only save costs or increase security. Mobile Easykey ensures more sustainability in the company!

  • The analysis tools of our software help to decrease the invest in new equipment.
  • New equipment can be purchased according to actual needs (e.g. load capacity).
  • Optimization of processes with our Load Sensor and Indoor Locator.
  • Maintenance and UVV inspections only when actually needed (“real” operating hours).
  • Fewer repairs due to less violent damage.
  • Mobile Easykey hardware lasts longer than a forklift – retrofitting possible!

Saving resources with Mobile Easykey also means reducing CO2 emissions.

25up - 1/25

We sell everything – except forklifts

We do not sell forklifts. Our fleet management system is manufacturer-independent. And so are we!

  • We deliver neutral data.
  • All data remains ‘unfiltered’ in-house at the customer.
  • Fleets are analyzed ‘unadorned’ by our software.
  • We help to reduce the size of your fleet.
  • We help to save costs of all kinds.
  • We provide transparent data for all types of equipment, for all manufacturers.

Manufacturer independence has many advantages. We see ourselves as an advocate for our customers.

Mobile Easykey - we sell everything - except forklifts