Job Reports (EN)

Vögele: Safely Retrofitted

For the management of its intralogistics fleet, the Joseph Vögele AG utelises the software and hardware of Mobile Easykey. The decision for a fleet management system was due to a lot of unreported shelf damage, among other things. A test setup with three units was followed in the same year by the first large order for the retrofitting of 80 units.

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Mobile Easykey Job Report Saarstahl

Saarstahl: Fleet management for the intervertebral disc

Fleet management for the intervertebral disc Saarstahl discovers unexpected advantages for lntralogistics It is well known that a fleet management system for forklifts can lead to significant cost savings. But the “Technical Logistics” editorial team at Saarstahl AG in Burbach has now been able to find out what impact such a system

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Lufthansa Cargo
EN | “The fleet at a glance”
Technische Logistik 1-2/2020

BSH Bosch Siemens Hausgeräte
EN | “Fleet management for tugger trains”
materialfluss 6/2018

EN | “Safety first with smart lock”
materialfluss 1-2/2017

Seehafen / Seaport Brake
EN | “Forklifts on Google Earth”
Hebezeuge Fördermittel 1-2/2017

Arcelor Mittal
EN | “Security from the blue box”
Sonderheft Flurförderzeuge 2016/2017 dhf Intralogistik

Rudolph Logistik
EN | “Intelligent fleet management for forklifts”
dhf Intralogistik 6/2016

Volkswagen OTLG
EN | “Volkswagen OTLG backs Mobile Easykey”
materialfluss 1-2/2016

EN | “More efficiency and safety through innovative fleet management for forklift trucks”
VDI Report 2011