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Manufacturer? Independent!

Your benefits

  • We don’t sell forklifts: With our software, you get “unadorned” analyses of the efficiency of your fleet.
  • We do not sell forklift service: Maintenance intervals are calculated according to hours of use and not according to cut-in hours.
  • We can really equip any device (not just forklifts!) from any manufacturer – fully equipped with all the features of our software and hardware.
  • With Mobile Easykey you have one system instead of several from different manufacturers.
  • Mobile Easykey allows you to compare the cost-effectiveness of similar types of devices from different manufacturers.
  • Your data stays with you in-house and does not end up in the cloud of a globally active corporation.
  • Our hardware lasts longer than your forklift. Converting to a new one is not a problem. It doesn’t matter if you choose yellow, orange, red, green… buy.
  • Speaking of yellow, orange, red or green: Many well-known manufacturers allow you to order Mobile Easykey ex works
  • Alternatively, many manufacturers offer the Mobile Easykey or VDI-interface ex works – for an absolutely uncomplicated retrofit.
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6-fold data protection

  1. Individual operating rights for each software user.

  2. Automated pseudonymisation of personal data according to defined operating rights for each software user (according to customer specifications).

  3. Automated anonymisation of logbook data (according to customer specifications).

  4. Automated deletion of logbook data (according to customer specifications).

  5. Works council password to protect all personal data.

  6. All data remains in the company and does not end up in some cloud anywhere in the world.
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Market Leader in Europe

#1 Fleet Management for Forklifts

With more than 1,000 customers in 25 countries, Mobile Easykey is the European market leader in manufacturer-independent fleet management systems. With many innovations and the patented Crash Sensor, Mobile Easykey enjoys a unique position in the market. Half of the companies listed in the German stock index DAX belong to our customers.

The use of Mobile Easykey already pays off from the first forklift, simply because of the increased security in the company. As soon as several devices are used, even at different locations, the possibilities of fleet management and optimisation come into play. Mobile Easykey usually pays for itself immediately after implementation.

This is Mobile Easykey

Mobile Easykey is Europe’s #1 in manufacturer-independent fleet management system for forklift trucks and machines of all kinds. The basis of the system is the RFID access management, only for authorised drivers or operators via RFID transponders. Furthermore, Mobile Easykey offers a variety of possibilities to efficiently control and optimise the fleet. The introduction of Mobile Easykey in a company leads directly to a more prudent driving style and thus to a significant reduction in vehicles and periphery damages. Mobile Easykey proactively ensures increased security in the company.

Fleet Management for Forklifts

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This is how Mobile Easykey works, the manufacturer-independent fleet management for forklift trucks and machines of all kinds. Security is increased. Costs are reduced.

More Security

A Personal Transponder for the employees is particularly important for safety. A large part of the forklift trucks is operable with just a few keys – keys that anyone can order on the internet. The RFID transponder, however, has a unique encoding. 

Learn more about: Access Management, Accident Prevention, Maintenance and UVV, Departure Control, Crash Sensor, Compliance.

Mehr Sicherheit mit Mobile Easykey (DE)
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Volker Quirin, head of department and developer of Mobile Easykey, in conversation about fleet management for forklifts (in German language)

Lower Costs

Lower costs due to less impact damage: The basis for this is the Personal Transponder and the patented Crash Sensor. Every login and every crash are documented in the logbook of the software.

Learn more about: Accidents, Fleet Size, Sustainability, Maintenance, Leasing, Total Costs.

Geringere Kosten mit Mobile Easykey (DE)
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Sebastian Bick, specialist for digital assets at Mobile Easykey, in conversation about fleet management for forklifts (in German language)