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Fleet Management

We do it.
Safe and efficient.


Fleet Management

We do it.
Safe and efficient.

CO2 neutral also in
intralogistics ?

Start with our
CO2 calculator now!

A little cleaner every day
With the CO2 calculator in the Mobile Easykey software, you can already evaluate the footprint of your intralogistics vehicles – per vehicle, shift, location, etc. Determine important data for your CO2 balance with the help of Mobile Easykey.

We are working on it
Together with well-known customers, we are constantly working on expanding the evaluation options. But you can already use the CO2 statistics free of charge in the current Mobile Easykey software generation.


Most data
No other fleet management system collects and delivers as much data as Mobile Easykey. You can prepare them with the help of the Mobile Easykey Manager or export them to other programs via CSV or REST-API.

The best data
It can‘t be said often enough: we are independent of manufacturers. Our data is unembellished.

The most important data
We only deliver what you really need.

Key Figure

FFZ-KPI: One glance is all it takes
You start the Mobile Easykey software and you can immediately see how efficiently each individual industrial truck is used. This idea even earned is an IFOY nomination in 2023!

Fleet management is no rocket science!
The FFZ-KPI is completed by the data from the load sensor. How often do your vehicles drive unloaded? Find out!


Yellow, orange, green, red… so many colours, so many manufacturers. We can equip them all. And you can choose the best one for you from all
manufacturers. Stay flexible and receive independent, „unembellished“ data and analyses from us.

Advocate for our customer
For more than 25 years, we have been working independently of manufacturers – always in the interest of our customers. And in close cooperation with our customers. This is one of the reasons why we are the market leader in Europe.


6-fold data protection
Mobile Easykey‘s software has been independently tested for GDPR compliance. And it passed with flying colours. We ensure that your personal data is securely stored. Only with you! You can assign individual rights for each software user. Or you can simply adopt the GDPR-compliant default settings.

Even the works council loves us
In case of doubt, the works council may be the only person who sees real names instead of pseudonyms.

And Mobile Easykey is not used to monitor performance!


So small, so clever
Is the electrolyte level of the battery too low? Who knows? You will receive a warning immediately, e.g., by e-mail to the workshop.

Battery damage hurts
The forklift detects unauthorised batteries and logs this in the software‘s logbook. Optionally, an e-mail is sent.


Switch lock out, smart lock in
Say „Bye Bye Key“ and end the key mess. Secure your devices against unauthorised use.

Always fits
Space for Mobile Easykey is in the smallest cottage. With smart lock 1, you can stop unauthorised use of drawbar devices, for example. smart lock 3 can use almost the full range, incl. use of your company badges for RFID access.

And for large-scale solutions and for special applications, we have the modules modular, explosion protection and a cold storage variant.


Everything in one place
You can manage all, really all documents relating to vehicles and users in the Mobile Easykey software: UVV test reports, maintenance reports, instructions, training, G25 inspections, etc. You can even manage devices that are not equipped with Mobile Easykey hardware (e.g., roller shutters).

Alarm, Alarm!
Not only do we offer you the complete management of these processes, but also a timely reminder for upcoming audits, trainings, etc. – whenever and to whomever you want.


Unique Crash Sensor
So inconspicuous, so effective: With a three-axis accelerometer and a body sound microphone, it adapts to all conditions.

It doesn‘t get any safer than this
In the event of a crash, the software sends an e-mail e.g., to the fleet manager. At the same time, the industrial truck is put into crawl speed or immobilised, for example. A check or re-commissioning is carried out by an authorised person using the master- or workshop transponder.


Where is it?
No matter how big an industrial truck may be. The larger the company, the more likely you are to look for it.

Indoors or outdoors
The indoor locator works with Wi-Fi or Bluetooth – with access point accuracy. The Outdoor Locator locates via GPS. And with the route analysis, you can identify potential accident hotspots.


Plug & Play
Admittedly, it‘s not quite that simple. But close. The term „industrial truck“ is a wide range: We can fit almost any device. To make things easier and faster, there are the Mobile Easykey- and VDI interfaces.

Ex works
With many manufacturers, you can order the interface directly with the new industrial truck. And the VDI interface initiated by Mobile Easykey is to become the industry standard – we are working hard on it!